The Peach/El durazno – a poem in English and Spanish

I wrote this poem in Spanish and then in English. I ask those whose ability in Spanish is greater than mine to forgive my errors.

The Peach

As we walk through the orchard
hand in hand,
you stop and pick a ripe peach,
heavy with sweet pulp,
its skin soft and fuzzy,
almost mammalian.

Watching me, you bite into it slowly,
caressing it with your mouth.
I kiss you and lick the nectar from your lips,
then I take the peach and rub your cheek with it
while we look at each other
without blinking.

El durazno

Mientras caminamos mano a mano
por el huerto, te detienes
y recoges un durazno maduro,
lleno de pulpa dulce del verano,
su piel suave y vellosa,
casi mamífero.

Mirándome a mí, lo muerdes y comes despacio.
Tomo el durazno de tu mano.
Te beso y lamo el néctar de tus labios.
Lo aprieto y acaricio tu mejilla
mientras nos miramos
sin pestañear.

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