Last Request

As I explore writing fiction, I have been trying some short, short stories. This one involves two daughters facing a challenge posed by their father.

Last Request

The Friday traffic through the Central Valley was slow, and the line of cars on the freeway shimmered in the July heat.

Eve turned to her sister, “Laura, what in the hell are we doing? This is crazy.”

“Don’t complain. It’s your fault. You promised him.”

“We both did. What other option did we have? It was dad’s last request.”

“You’re right, of course. But now we have a huge problem on our hands, a time-sensitive problem since we have nine hours to go in this goddamned heat to the place he marked on the map. And there’s the small matter of breaking the law in at least three ways.”

Eve laughed. “Well, we can’t back out now. That’s for sure. We should be all right unless we get pulled over. Do you think anyone is on to us yet?”

“I doubt it. I turned my phone off so no one can track us.”

“I did, too. Dad would be proud of how we pulled everything off.”

“He’d be proud of you especially. After all, it was your idea to tell the mortuary to bring him straight home from the hospital.”

“Yeah, but your explanation was convincing enough to bring it off. It was brilliant to tell them that because we were Jewish, his body would be buried immediately after the service tomorrow.”

“Thank god Jim came through by throwing together a wooden coffin in a couple of hours and then helping us load everything into the truck. We could not have done that by ourselves.”

“Okay, here’s the exit. According to Google maps, the ice company is only a mile away.”

“One more question. When we get there, how are we going to get dad buried?”

“I have no idea, but we have nine hours to figure it out.”

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