Cars, Fathers, and Life

In six decades of driving, I have experienced good times and bad over hundreds of thousands of miles—road trips, traffic tickets, accidents, breakdowns, and even a Prius that threw a rod. I’ve driven everything from a ’41 Chevy truck to an Alfa Romeo, from a tracked recovery vehicle (a tow truck for tanks) in the Army to a bunch of soulless examples of either American … Read more

Let us talk

Most of you who know me are aware of how much I like words and the challenge of using them to capture ideas in clear sentences and elegant phrases. Here is a poem I just revised that I wrote some years ago about words and love. Let us talk Let us talk, then. Talk of our love in words clear, sure, and true. Let our … Read more

Flash Fiction – A Sack of Frogs

A writers group in which I participate had a contest recently to submit a story of 300 words or less. Here is one I wrote. It isn’t autobiographical. A Sack of Frogs As John pulled into the driveway, he could see little Billy sitting on the porch steps crying. He got out of the car and said, “What’s the matter, son?” Billy only cried harder … Read more

The Peach/El durazno – a poem in English and Spanish

I wrote this poem in Spanish a couple of years ago. While revising it recently, I also wrote a version in English. Writing poetry is difficult for me and even more so in Spanish since I still struggle with vocabulary and grammar. I like the challenge, though. I ask readers whose ability in Spanish is greater than mine to forgive my errors and give me … Read more

Neckties – a poem

I began this poem more than a decade ago and have revised it several times since, including an earlier version I posted here a few years ago. This is the latest. Neckties Back home after many years, I walk up to an open grave in a red dirt cemetery where a scraggle of kinfolk huddle against a cold prairie wind sharp-edged as a Baptist sermon. … Read more

A freethinker’s look at two famous journeys

This essay appeared on the Faith page of the Tucson Daily Star on Sunday, August 27, 2023. The URL to it is below. Travel stories are common fare in newspapers, magazines, books, and blogs. Famous expeditions and weekend getaways to the mountains or the coast make for enticing reading, a way to vicariously slip away for a while from foreboding newscasts or the routines of … Read more

An open letter to local, state, and national elected officials

This essay appeared on the Opinion page of the Tucson Daily Star on Saturday, July 22, 2023. The URL to it is below. Greetings: I am writing about the responsibility that elected officials such as you have to the people, our system of government, and the rule of law. That responsibility transcends personal ambition and political differences. It is antithetical to the churlish behavior so … Read more